Posted by: Marc Cappelletti | October 13, 2008

Make Feng Shui Work For You

Having recently moved into a new apartment I feel I have gained some credibility in the realm of home decorating. I can tell you of the many loopholes in Bed Bath & Beyond return policies. I can tell you that Yaffa blocks are stupid. And, most importantly, I can tell you that Feng Shui is real and it works.

The apartment is not new. In fact the building was erected in the 40’s and a friend of mine lived here for the last seven years. It’s a small place, must be organized efficiently, and I went along with him when he said that of the things he left (kitchen table, shelves, etc.) and the places he had his larger items (bed, couch, etc.) were pretty much in the best positions possible. What I realized after living here a few weeks is that just like decorations, photos or the clothes in the closet; the layout of an apartment is a 100% personal issue. Orientation of all the pieces has profound effect on your behavior and thus, your energy and mood.

Feng Shui Bagua Chart

Feng Shui Bagua Chart

Without getting too “new-agey” on you, everything from keeping certain items visible and others in closets, how the bed is situated to receive the sunlight in the morning will have an effect. And sometimes you don’t realize the effect until something is moved. Step back and take an assessment thinking not if you like something, but how it makes you feel. Maybe that is getting too new agey. I’ll put away the sage and dream catchers for now and leave you with and

Read it and see what happens.



  1. What a great assessment of how feng shui works!! It is in how you feel…and I hope that isn’t too new-agey! 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  2. I once had to go to a feng shui course as part of a team building seminar for a previous job. Here are my takeaways: never place the back of a chair facing a door, don’t block the flow between entry points (or windows) ie don’t put a big piece of furniture in between the door and the other door or window, hang a clear colored crystal in every doorway, and put a plant behind the TV to absorb the poisons.

    One coworker kept asking the trainer how feng shui would help keep her apartment clean, as though it was a Chinese maid in a silk uniform who would come over to clean up.

  3. While there are Feng Shui principles to honor and implement, you are correct in saying that it is a very personal experience. Wonderful comments by someone new to this ancient Chinese art and science.

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